Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process of buying a holiday lodge at Palstone work?

Buying a lodge at Palstone is a simple process, once we have arranged a visit to site we can show you either the lodges we have sited or the vacant plots awaiting a lodge of your choosing – we will be able to answer any questions you may have to determine which lodge is best suited for you, or design a bespoke lodge to your personal requirements.

Are there any lodges already on site for sale?

Yes, we have a number of lodges ready for immediate use.  These are fully connected to services and apart from the paperwork they are ready for enjoying. Occasionally, a pre-loved lodge may be on the market and you can find details on our “Orchard” page of this website (any re-sales are organised by the lodge owner so we will introduce you to them).

Can I sub-let?

No the only people permitted to use the lodge are the owners, their friends and family.

Can I move permanently into my holiday home?

All lodges are for holiday use, so it must not be used as your primary residence.  We may ask for evidence to support this.

Can I bring pets

Yes. As an owner you are welcome to bring your pets  The surrounding area is fantastic for dog walking. We may restrict certain breeds of dog (please ask for details) and we request that they are kept on a lead whilst at Palstone).

What do the maintenance/service fees cover?

This helps maintain Palstone’s idyllic setting.  It covers essentials like grounds and garden maintenance, spring deck power washing, security entrance gates, re-dressing of roadways, waste and recycling bins, mains drainage pump station, to mention a few.

Can I choose my lodge manufacturer?

Yes, but we do have some planning conditions regarding external finish and materials – we can talk you through the implications of this as your design evolves.

Does the decking come as standard with the lodge?

Yes, on the five sited lodges in the Meadow.   If you order a bespoke lodge we can look at the size of decking and cost at that stage.

Do I need a TV licence?

You may – please ask for more info

Can I plant or maintain the area around my lodge?

We maintain all of the grounds and gardens so we can’t allow anyone other than us to plant or maintain any of the land around your lodge.

What happens if I decide to sell my lodge?

You have the right to sell your holiday home at any time, either privately or to Palstone Lodges Ltd.  Before a sale can proceed you must notify us so that a new licence can be drawn up.  Palstone Lodges Ltd will charge a transfer fee of two and a half percent based on the sale price. Please note: you will not be permitted to erect sales boards on site if you are selling independently or through your own agent.

Do I need a solicitor?

Legal conveyance is not required: there is no land title to transfer thus no land registry fees and no stamp duty, therefore, there are no obligatory legal charges. However, if you feel that you need help or legal advice, you should seek it from a solicitor or other qualified body.

How secure is Palstone?

We have attractive security entrance  gates together with intercom  – as an owner you will receive a press button entry fob and your guests can be provided with a keypad entry code which we change on a frequent basis.

We request advance notice of arrival and departure date if known, especially if friends or family are visiting or using the lodge (we request car type and registration prior to arrival)

Can I order a disabled friendly lodge?

Yes – we, together with our manufacturing partner will very happily work to accommodate any mobility needs.