Buyer’s Guide

The following document is intended to assist the prospective holiday home owner through the decision making process and explain how the law may affect their buying of a holiday home at Palstone Lodges and the rules and regulations that apply to making the site a peaceful and pleasant place to be.

It also covers the issues most frequently asked about the site and the process of purchasing a lodge. The purchase of a holiday lodge at Palstone Lodges differs in many ways from “bricks and mortar” homes. Although owners do not own the land on which they have their holiday home they do have the right to use their holiday home for the extent of the licence agreed.

Legal conveyance is not required: there is no land title to transfer thus no land registry fees and no stamp duty. Therefore there are no obligatory legal charges. However, if you feel that you need help or legal advice, you should seek it from a solicitor or other qualified body. According to the industry Code of Practice, you have the right to a written agreement for siting the holiday home and rights concerning the inheritance and sale of the holiday home.

If it is your wish to purchase a lodge here at Palstone Lodges we will ensure that you receive all the documentation required.

Buying a Palstone Lodge holiday home

Buying a holiday home at Palstone is a simple four-step process:


  1. Reserve the plot of your choice. A reservation fee of £1000* will be payable at this point.
  2. Decide which model you require and whether or not you would like any additions or alterations, once you have agreed the plans and signed off their approval a 1/3 of the agreed price will be due.
  3. Once manufacture is complete and lodge is dispatched from factory another 1/3 is due.
  4. Delivery to Palstone and sited you can then inspect your  new home and key handover – the balance is then  payable .

We will keep you up to date with progress. The manufacture, fitting and commissioning usually takes 3 months from the point drawings are signed off.

Should you wish to purchase a lodge or show home which is already on site at Palstone a 10% deposit will be required to reserve it followed by the balance upon completion.

There are some “off the shelf” lodges available from our partner manufacturers – please talk to us about the options on this.

* The reservation fee and deposit are non-refundable but will be deducted from the balance of the total price.

Licence overview

The Local Authority has issued planning permission and a site licence to Palstone Lodges Ltd. This licence requires Palstone Lodges Ltd to observe a number of standards which apply to the site relating for example to health and safety, fire safety, electrical installations, sanitation and the spacing between holiday homes. The use of the lodges at Palstone is restricted to “holiday use” only. The Licence is very similar to a lease in many respects. A lease allows a purchaser to rent a lodge and a plot for a given period of time whereas a licence allows the purchaser to own the actual lodge itself and then to hold a licence to occupy the plot upon which it is situated for a given period of time.

A licence agreement also provides further benefit

  1. As a licence holder at Palstone you are exempt from the Stamp Duty and Land Tax.
  2. The conveyance services of a solicitor are not required although you may wish to ask a solicitor to run through the licence agreement for your piece of mind.

The purchaser must agree not to do or omit to do anything which might put Palstone Lodges Ltd in breach of the site licence or planning consent applicable to the operation of the Park or any other statutory or regulatory requirement or any bye law or regulation.
If you have any concerns regarding the site licence or rules and regulations, or any of the issues raised we will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

Plot fees and reviews (Ground Rent)

The plot fee is currently £2440 (+VAT) per annum payable quarterly. The plot fee covers such things as garden and grounds up-keep, routine repairs and maintenance of the utilities and services. This fee is renewed annually in line with
the RPI. Rates are also payable and are currently £382 per annum.